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PREAMBLE: Many would say that our electoral system is broken. Partisanship is rampant in both Washington D.C. and in the states. A growing third of the electorate considers themselves as independents or not affiliated with a party. Eleven different ideas are outlined. All of these ideas are for the purpose of making our elections more representative of the voters. The power of the major parties would be reduced and third parties and other independent or disenfranchised voters would have more influence and viability. The dynamics of elections would change greatly and the vote would be closer to the people’s wishes. Governments govern best closest to the people. If you agree with us on any or all of these proposals we urge you to join with us in promoting open, honest, fair, and free elections. These ideas are not needed in every state but pick the ones you like and that apply to your state. Those voters who now feel disenfranchised could feel that they have a voice. This document is a work in progress. Input is invited.

I. Reapportionment and Redistricting takes place after each decennial census.

Recommended for each state to adopt methods to remove partisan politics from the process.

II. Open Primaries give voters more freedom in voting.

An open primary allows voters to secretly vote for the candidates of their choice no matter the party .

III. Electoral College revision in the method states use to elect electors.

States to eliminate winner-take-all method in favor of a method that allows for a proportional awarding of Electoral votes.

IV. Term Limits would limit the terms of Legislators on national and state levels.

Controversial issue discussed but no recommendation given.

V. State Senator Districts set up to give more representation per County.

When states have bicameral legislatures one body, the Senate, should be set up to represent Counties.

VI. City Council and County Board elections by area or zone rather than at-large.

Council and Board or Commission members elected by the voters in their zones.

VII. Majority vote required to be elected to an office representing voters.

Candidates required to obtain a majority rather than a plurality of votes to be elected.

VIII. Write in candidates. Write ins would have more freedom to run a campaign.

Individuals seeking to be write-in candidates not required to register or file with the state..

IX. Ballot access including mail-in and absentee ballots.

Eligible voters deserve to have easy access to voting in any election with no physical or other impediments.

X. Straight Ticket Voting STV as allowed in some states should be eliminated.

The ballots in some states have a box at the top of the ballot which allows voters to have voters for all the candidates of a political party.

XI. Planning and Zoning and other appointed boards answerable to the people.

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