Statement of Purpose


Our purpose is to open up the electoral process. Have the political parties been taken over by factions or fringe elements? Whatever the situation in your state, is it broken? Does it need to be fixed? When bicameral legislative bodies exist in a state, which they do in all but one state, they need to represent different interests. Do all people have equal protection of the law? When you have a situation in one state where almost half of it’s counties are not represented by a resident legislator, is it broken? When a popular governor in another state cannot get on their party’s primary ballot and is prevented from running for reelection, does the system need fixing? In another state, an expensive run-off election is held for two U S Senate seats. The chief elections officer of a state does not have a vote on the state’s election board. Several states have serious gerrymandering issues. What is the situation in your state? If in any way, the people are deprived of a voice in the electoral process because the system allows those in control to deprive them of their right to vote for the candidate they prefer to represent them. When very close to half of the voters in a state have no one to vote for them when the actual vote for the president takes place. When those elected to any office actually are elected by less than a majority of the voters, can it be said that they really represent those whom they are elected to represent? Our purpose is to bring about change that enfranchises the disenfranchised, gives representation to the underrepresented, gives third party or non partisan and independent voters a voice, and allows voters to have real choice in choosing who they want to represent or serve them.

We have set forth a number of ideas to help bring this about. All of our ideas are for the purpose of making our elections more representative of all the voters. They would reduce the power of the major parties and help to make it easier for third parties and other independent or disenfranchised voters to have influence and viability. The dynamics of elections would change greatly and the vote would be closer to the people’s wishes. Governments govern best closest to the people. If you agree with us on any or all of these proposals we urge you to join with us in promoting open, fair, honest, and free elections.