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Committee for free, open, honest, and fair elections for a truly Representative Democracy”


Spencer E Stucki

Spencer E Stucki, B.S Agricultural Education/Political Science, Utah State University. M.Ed. Occupational Training Management, Idaho State University, D.A. Political Science (incomplete) components Economics and Sociology, Idaho State University. Doctoral dissertation research topic: The effect of term limits on state and local government units in southeast Idaho. He has taught classes at ISU on American Government and Religion and Politics.

An almost life long resident of southeast Idaho, Spencer’s interest in politics began at a young age while his father served as the local county Republican Central Committee Chairman. He worked on his grandfather’s, his father’s and an uncle’s election campaigns. He has served as an elected Republican precinct representative, county central committee vice chair, county chair, legislative district chair, regional chair, state executive committee, state rules committee chair, and state convention delegate over a period of twenty five plus years. He has run for office three times himself and has a long held special interest in state and local government and election politics. Presidential elections have been of great interest since the 1952 election. He has also lived in four other states, for short times, (Utah, New York, New Jersey, and Oregon) and observed elections there. After all those years as a Republican activist his current concerns are the disenfranchised and independent voters of our country.

Spencer is retired, married, the father of seven children and eleven step children. He is involved in the local Parkinson’s community and in family and pioneer history. Other volunteer interests primarily are connected to service in his church. His grandchildren and great grandchildren hold a special place in his heart although the current pandemic has limited direct involvement. He hopes that by accomplishing the goals set out in this endeavor elections for his descendants will be more fair and open and honest.

Stephanie Stander

Stephanie Stander, née Rucker, has lived most of her life in Southeast Idaho. She is happily married to Doug, a medical professional, and Stephanie is a stay-at-home mom who homeschools her 5 children for a variety of reasons, including living in a state with extremely low public school funding. Stephanie attended ISU for her Bachelor’s degree (BS Political Science/History) and her graduate studies (MA Political Science; DA (incomplete) Political Science, component areas Sociology/History). Stephanie has taught classes on American Government, The League of Arab States, Comparative Politics, and Political Violence. 

Stephanie has been involved with and interested in politics since early in her childhood when she got to canvas for candidates and march in parades supporting candidates with her mother. Stephanie has been a vocal proponent of stricter legislation and harsher punishments for DUIs and DWIs since she was hit by a drunk driver in her teens, causing lifelong injuries. She has become even more committed to this cause since her husband was lucky to survive being hit by an intoxicated driver in 2017, resulting in surgeries and ongoing complications. In both cases the punishments for DUI’s were barely a slap on the wrist.

Stephanie is involved in a variety of volunteer activities, including a few homeschool organizations and her church, various political research projects, genealogy, and a few ongoing writing projects. She is a voracious reader, a dedicated chocolate lover and cook, a lifelong musician, and a sometime crochet aficionado, who is adept at finding deals on books for both home school and leisure reading for herself and her kids. Her family also includes a happy-go-lucky Labrador mix and a varying number of stray cats, including 3 cats who have become permanent family members.

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